Measurement and Evaluation Unit Meeting

On Tuesday 4/23/1442 (12/8/2020), the Measurement and Evaluation Unit held a meeting via the MS Team platform. The meeting dealt with several issues, among them the most important of which is statistical analysis.

The unit worked on implementing its work plan according to scientific visions, as it adopted a training course at the beginning of next week in order to explain and clarify how to do a statistical analysis for all faculty members at the College of Science and Arts in Tanuma Boys and Girls.

Regarding to receive the statistical analysis from the faculties, each faculty member has to submit a section analysis report three days maximum after the related exam. For the exams that will be held in the two ultimate days of the exam period, the faculty member has to submit the report on the same day as the exam.

The Measurement and Evaluation Unit at the college extends its sincere thanks to all faculty members for their cooperation with it, and wishes all success. After completing the exams, the unit will hold a meeting through which it will prepare a comprehensive report for all departments of the college in the presence of the college dean, Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Faqih, the faculty vice dean, Professor Ali bin Abdullah Al-Shehri, and their excellencies, heads of departments and members of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit.




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